Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Hermés baby

I collect Hermés scarves. I know that´s not very original, but it´s a passion of mine and I don’t mind sharing it with likeminded people. My so called collection – as I prefer to think about it – is not very impressive yet, compared to many other devotees out there. At the moment I have all in all 12 scarves, whereas seven of them are vintage which I am very proud of.

This is my first Hermés scarf that I bought in a vintage boutique in New York´s West Village about two years ago and it’s my baby. I don’t just collect my scarves, but I do actually wear them too. I try to alternate between different colours and patterns as much as I can and I wear them around my neck as well as tied around the strap of my bag or sometimes as a belt. Do you like Hermés and do you have a favourite Hermés scarf? Tell me all about it; I would love to hear everything. xoxo  

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  1. Hermés is one of the few luxury labels I would put a lot of money on. I collect a lot off different Hermés stuff. Please let me know if you know any good vintage shops or online shops where I can find Hermés stuff. Thanks a lot. /Carmen