Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Designer profile: Gasper Garvida

This years´ London Fashion Week was the best Fashion Week in London I have attended so far. It gave me a lot of inspiration and I discovered many new designers and garments. One of the designers who really impressed me this year was Jasper Garvida and his amazing creations. He graduated from Central St. Martins six years ago and four years ahead he set up his own fashion label.

What I especially love about his design are the clean and simple lines combined with the meticulous details, which makes up uncomlicated yet stunning outfits.


The blouse is really clean and simple in black and white, but with a great detail with the propeller neck which gives it a great twist and identity. The colourful dress is stylish and crazy but yet wearable.

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  1. Really nice set! Great blog & great pics! xxx