Thursday, November 4, 2010

5 things I ♥ about Westwood

1) The patterns
The Scottish patterned woollen cloth used for kilts that has been popular in Scotland for hundreds of year, comes to life again thanks to Queen Westwood. The tartan patterns in Westwoods clothes, created by the use of different coloured wool for the warp and the weft, allows to be mixed and matched with just about everything.

2) The assymetric design
Always that twist that makes a coat, a dress or a shirt stand out. Amazing cuts!

3) The hidden corsets
Found in at least 95% of her dresses is the corset design which is truly flattering for any type of shapes on a woman.

4) The everlasting punk rock references
Since she opened the clothing store "Let it Rock" in London in 1971 (which changed its name to SEX in 1976) together with her partner Malcolm McLaren, she never seems to forget the 70s.
5) The orbs
They are everywhere on her accessories and jewellery and they just look great. It's as simple as that!

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