Saturday, November 13, 2010

Alber Elbaz talking to Suzy Menkes about Lanvin

"I don’t think that Lanvin is not modern to begin with, so it’s not about modernizing Lanvin. I think that we’re doing what we’re doing and we actually cater for [a] quite a small group of people who can actually afford us. I mean, I know so many woman, and men, around that never tried Lanvin on [and] for them we did it so it wasn’t about being more modern or being more cool or being more relevant. I think that all we try at Lanvin, day after day, is to be relevant not to be cool, so this was another step of trying to cater for a need, a desire, a thought; and why not? Because we all know what happened to Marie Antoinette after staying in that palace for too long."

Alber Elbaz´s answer on the audience question; "Is this type of fast  fashion collaboration intended to modernise Lanvin?" Fantastic answer from a fantastic man. See the whole interview here on Vogue TV.

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