Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scandinavian showroom in Shanghai

Two friends of mine, Swedish Maria and Chinese Yongyan, has got together and set up a new fashion company in Shanghai aiming to represent and showcase Scandinavian designers.
Today they held the launch of the new showroom named Göte Göta, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it there. Having lived next door – in Hong Kong – for over a year I am now stuck in Europe and was not able to take a trip over since I’m starting my new job in London in less than a weeks’ time.

However, I am really excited about Göte Göta, which will represent more than 30 Scandinavian designers with a lot of well know name such as Ann-Sofie Back, Camilla Norrback, Noir & Blanc, Swedish Hasbeens and many more. Through fashion exhibitions and fashion Göte Göta is aiming to make the cross-over from fashion to art into reality, showcasing wearable art from Scandinavian.

And there seem to be so many things that will be going on at the showroom. As they explain it:
“Fashion lovers can come to see a fashion exhibition, shop work pieces from the designers they like, take part in auctions, meet the designers, or just simply come to enjoy a cup of Swedish coffee…”


Ann-Sofie Back is one of my favourite Swedish designers and is one of the designers showcased at Göte Göta in Shanghai.

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