Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Designer Profile: Mrs. Press

I would wear any one of these outfits. That’s wearable fashion for you! Having paid a bit more attention to Australian and New Zeeland fashion designers lately, I came across the Mrs. Press label. I found out that the designer behind the label, Clare Press, is a fashion writer, blogger “and former Voguette” as she refers to herself. Inspired by things such as 1930s silk chemises, French knickers, fragile kimonos, champagne breakfasts and ancient lace, Clare has created a fun and much wearable label for modern girls described by Mrs Press as such: “Our girl loves to loll about at home dressed to thrill. She loves parties too, of course. Who doesn’t? Sometimes it feels as if life is one big party. Thank heavens for the divinely scented Mrs. Press candles – we all need to relax sometimes, no?”

I tried to find some clothes to buy on Mrs. Press website, but the webshop has very few garments for sale. Instead you can find this in the flagship Sydney boutique as well as other boutiques in Australia. Gaaah! It’s time to get in touch with my lovely Aussie friends Jono and Sam. I really hope that you can find this label in both Melbourne and Perth.

All pics from Mrs. Press website.

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  1. I really like that you regularly introduce new/unknown/less known/up-and-coming fashion labels in your blog! Really interesting to find out more about labels you haven't heard of before! Keep up your good work and thanks for a great blog xxx