Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fashion + Magazines = Nike

For those of us who loves fashion and magazines and fashion magazines, Nike just released the Women's Premium Print Pack, a limited edition set of three shoe styles, all made using shredded magazines.

The pack contains versions of the Flash Macro Premium, the Blazer Mid Premium and the Air Rift Premium. Because of the unique process involved, each shoe is one-of-a-kind in pattern sequence. While the shoes have regular soles, strings, and other components, the main material used in each is a kind of laminated, stitched fabric created from old glossies. In addition to the usual technical elements, Nike pre-treated each with a clear solution to ensure durability.

According to Nike, they will only be available in Europe, China as well as on "select emerging markets." That is proper PR my friends! Lucky me, living part time in London and part time in Hong Kong I just can’t fail this time. Wish me luck my friends!

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