Monday, January 17, 2011

Fashion + Dictionary + Diary = FASHIONARY

Today I ordered this Fashionary book. It’s such a brilliant idea being a sketchbook specially designed for fashion designers. Ok, I know I’m not a real fashion designer but rather a Fashion PR and Stylist, but this will definitely help me in my job as a stylist though I always worked with sketches preparing for a job. And since my drawings are crap, this will help a lot! This sketchbook contains a lot of fashion information combined with figure templates which makes sketching both quicker and easier.  The information part contains things such as brand index, body measurements, basic pattern and presentation board samples while the templates part includes female figures for fast sketching and female technical templates for flat drawing.

With 400 templates for instant sketching this is the perfect book for me. Can’t wait to get in the post!!!

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  1. ooh that's genius! love it.
    xoxo from Sweden
    /Sara and Emma