Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Travel kit of 2011

Year 2011 will be a great year, I can feel it. I have a lot of new plans and projects in the pipeline that I've worked really hard to achieve. One thing I know is that I will travel a lot, both in my work and private trips. I love travelling and try to prepare as much as possible before a long-haul flight to make it as comfortable as possible at the same time as I try to use the time as effectively as possible. The most important things in my cabin bag being a good moisturiser, a book, a few of magazine (preferably Vanity Fair, the UK version of Harper´s Bazaar and Tatler), my laptop and a small notebook. The outfit I travel in is also important for me though it have to be really comfortable and warm, since it mostly a bit cold up in the air. I normally go for a pair of stretch jeans from Cheap Monday and a top from Acne paired with a knitted sweater or cardigan.

This year I have upgraded my travel kit with following pieces, which are all from Gucci. The reason why I chose a bit more expensice design pieces is because I want them to last for a long time since I like my travel kit to stay with me and to remain the same throughout my journeys.

This large carry-on duffel in brown diamante leather is perfect to use as hand luggage, especially for my who want to carry a lot of things with me when I travel somewhere. It should fit my moisturizers, perfume, laptop, pens, notebook, several books and magazines, a pair of socks and a change of clothes (if the rest of your baggage ends up lost somewhere).

I found this belt when I bought the carry-on duffel (above) and just think it looks great. It's one of those belts that will fit all kinds of outfits and since I most of the time wear a really simple outfit on the flight this will add a bit of glam to the outfit without making it uncomfortable in any way.

Gorgeous fragrance that I discovered recently and bought on tax free on Doha airport last month when travelling from Hong Kong to Sweden. Keeps me feeling fresh even on a long-haul flight.

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